Leonardo Ferreira
, Astronomer

"I dropped down again from a star
On a desert island full of skies
And I saw a boy, looking up
Dreaming of his future from my past
From my past"- Lost: Riverside


I'm currently a Post-Doctoral Fellow at University of Victoria working in Prof. Sara Ellison's group. I'm interested in uncovering how galaxies evolve across cosmic time with a focus on the transformational impact of merging to a galaxy structure and morphology. To explore this subject I combine data aquired with ground-based telescopes (for low redshift), space telescopes (for high redshift), with modern big box cosmological simulations and deep learning. I was awarded a PhD degree from University of Nottingham Thesis: The Cosmic Evolution of Galaxy Structure and Morphology from z=0.5 to 8. (link), where I worked under supervision of Chris Conselice and Ulrike Kushner. I'm member of the EPOCHS group investigating galaxies in the early universe with JWST, where I helped build our internal JWST reduction pipeline. I'm also member of PEALRS and UVCANDELS.


As of August of 2023, I authored/co-authored 31 peer-reviewed papers. From these 5 were published as first-author papers. h-index: 13 ADS Listing: (link)

First-author Contributions